I think we can make a solid case that there's no better place in America to view a meteor shower than Wyoming. This new video I've just discovered makes that case even more as it's a stunner.

David Peel just dropped this video on Vimeo. It's definitely worth a watch.

Milky Way Timelapse August 25, 2019 from David Peel on Vimeo.

This video was captured on August 25 during a meteor shower. According to David's description, he was at about 9000 feet in the mountains north of the Red Desert.

David sent us a note and clarified that what appear to be meteors are actually satellites and jets. Even though I whiffed on my hope for a glimpse of what looked like meteors to me, it is still an epic look at the gorgeous skies above us. Thanks to David again for the share.

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