It was the end of August 2013 when a small newspaper sent me to write a story about Buffalo's Wyoming's famous Occidental Hotel.

The late August blizzard that blew in was no surprise to anyone who lived at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. The highways were closed down for two days and the drift in the parking lot hid the automobiles under rolling mounds of white.

In addition to the staff,  there were a few travelers stranded: a retired couple from the UK who had rented a car in Washington state with the intention of zig-zagging across America, a ghost hunting team from Sheridan Wyoming, and me.

Sure, I might have had a room for the night. But who can sleep while a team of ghost hunters set up motion detectors and night vision cameras? There was no need for caffeine.

Do you believe in ghosts? This video documents what the Sheridan Paranormal Research Team captured that night what has been called Wyoming's Most Haunted Hotel.

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