I could have titled this article 'Go Cliff Diving In Wyoming,' but how many readers will ever take that daring plunge?

No matter if you want to try it your self or watch other dare devils do the dunk, there are plenty of great places in Wyoming for cliff diving.


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    Becoming ALPHA Cliff Jumping In Wyoming

    Polish scouts from Chicago went to Wyoming on a two week trip. In this video, they are jumping from cliffs on the Gros Ventre River. It was about 30-35ft tall. During the first week, they went on 7 day hikes in different parts of Wyoming. This video shows the group who went to the Wind River Range.
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    Wyoming Nephews Cliff Jumping

    Lake Seminole Wyoming.

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    A young man on a vacation trip to Wyoming dares to take the high plunge.

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    The Jumping Rocks R Jackson Hole, Wy

    The daredevils jumped from a 25 foot cliff into the rushing waters below.

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    I took the plunge at Keyhole.

    Keyhole Lake is just above Morecroft Wyoming. I was watching some teenagers jumping and decided to try it myself. I was fully clothed but, what the heck. Since then the favorite cliff for jumping has collapsed into the lake.

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