There's been another epic confrontation captured on video in Yellowstone as a wolf pack quite literally ran circles around a grizzly.

This video was just shared yesterday by Tied to Nature. They were on a Yellowstone tour when they came across a grizzly foraging for food. He stood up to check out two nearby wolves. Soon, the entire pack had surrounded the grizzly. Here's how they described it on Facebook:

I had the awesome opportunity to share this once in a life time wolf and grizzly sighting while on tour in Yellowstone today. This grizzly was foraging in the far end of the valley when the wolves started to cross his path. The grizzly started standing up on his hind legs to get a better view of what was going on and then started to approach the wolves. Soon the rest of the wolf pack appears and escorts the bear into the trees.

There's been no confirmation, but I'd bet my bottom dollar this is the Junction Butte wolf pack again. It's the largest pack in Yellowstone and is known for having several black wolves and the white one you can see in this video. The pack has had many on-camera run-ins with bears this year including one back in January.

There is no place in the world quite like Yellowstone for seeing wildlife surviving in their element.

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