It's not unusual to see elk in Wyoming. Duh. But, it's not so common to come across an elk herd and even more breathtaking when you find an elk herd with a bull who has a monster rack like this one.

Jennifer Jensen just dropped this video on YouTube.

As Jennifer notes on her share, this video was actually captured back in September of 2013 although it's just now appearing on YouTube.

The Nature Mapping website documents that it's around September when you'll see the fall rut for these elk bulls:

Bull elk lose the velvet on their antler shortly before the fall rut, in late September and early October. During the rut, they begin to compete for access to females.

Looks like this bull has acquired quite the herd of ladies. It's one of the sights (if you're fortunate enough to actually see it) that makes Wyoming wildlife the best in America.

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