The day before the 2018 Wyoming primary voters began to get robo calls from a group calling itself 'Switch Wyoming.' The above video has a recording of that robo call.

Switch Wyoming was asking Democrat voters to switch parties, at the last moment, and vote for Republican Mark Gordon. After they voted, they were told, they could switch back to the Democrat party.

Some accused the Gordon campaign of dirty tricks. Some accused the Democrat party of the same. The story became so interesting it was covered by Newsweek Magazine.

From Newsweek:

The race is so close that some in Wyoming have urged Democrats to take a one-day elephant ride and cast their ballots for Gordon. A group called Switch for Wyoming has has taken on the battle, urging Democrats to switch their party affiliation to help get Gordon on the November ballot.

“Wyoming’s legislature has been on a long march to the extreme right, but we have history electing moderate governors, thoughtful people who, even though we disagree with them often, act as a check on extreme legislation and bad decisions,” the group's website reads.

But while the Newsweek website mentions the Switch Wyoming website, we are having a hard time finding it.

The questions remain, who is Switch Wyoming? Who were they working for? Gordon? The Democrats? Someone else? Who funded them?

If you have any information please let us know.


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