The old Saturday morning cartoon Wacky Races once paired in an episode called "Why Oh Why Wyoming."

Wacky Races was an animated television cartoon by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The series, inspired by the 1965 slapstick comedy film The Great Race.

There were many cars and characters in this fast-paced cartoon with 23 people and animals spread among the 11 race cars. The show ran for a short time on CBS beginning in 1968, only 17 episodes were produced. But the reruns ran for decades.

"Why Oh Why Wyoming" is the first segment of the second episode of Wacky Races, and the third race overall.

The cartoon episodes took the Wacky Racers roar across the desert towards Rock Springs, Wyoming where Dick Dastardly warns Chief Crazy Buffalo of the approaching "iron wagons."

For the record, The Gruesome Twosome won.

You can watch the entire episode on the website Dailymotion.

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