Perhaps the Laramie has a mountain lion problem. "Perhaps" because some swear they have seen it and some doubt it.

So many stories have been written about sightings it has become the talk of Wyoming. But there is just one item missing from these stories: We don't have a name for it.

Radio, Tv, Newspapers, and chatter at the local coffee shop and everyone is calling it, "The Mountain Lion."

As a public service, I put up a post on my FaceBook page and ask my morning listeners on News Talk KGAB 650AM to give the beast a name.

The goal here is to pick a name, make it stick and then convince the mayor, the sheriff, and folks at Wyoming Fish and Game to call it by the name we gave it each time they speak to the press.

Here is the lost list of names so far: Eric, Pete, Bob, Simba, Bud, Kitty, Puma, Benny The Cat, Slinky, Big Kitty, Larry, Scary Larry, Lucy,  Ntwademula (which means he who greets with fire), Puddy Tat, Oscar, Pathfinder.

The list is much longer but you get the idea. What we have for you below is the top five best names as voted, so far. Pick the name you like the best and let's see what one wins.


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