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Let's take some fine, upstanding, Cheyenne Wyoming citizens and throw them in jail for a day. The crime? We don't need no stink-en crime. We don't need no stink-en badges either. Not when it's for a good cause we don't.

Cheyenne Sunrise Lions Club is raising money for eye exams, glasses, and hearing aids for needy people in Cheyenne.

You can help by getting yourself thrown in jail, or have a friend thrown in jail. They can't leave until they have raised $500.00.

They'll have bread and water while they are working. They will be forced to wear prison garb. But it's all in fun and all for a good cause.

To volunteer, or to volunteer someone, be it individual, group, company, church, or anyone else you can think of, please contact the Cheyenne Sunrise Lions for more information. 

You can also call Robin Walters at (307) 287-4838.

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