There was a time when if someone was camping in Wyoming in the middle of winter, it was probably by accident. There was also a good chance that they would die out there and their body would never be found after hungry winter animals found it.

Anyone traveling across the West, way back when, would have never thought that pitching a tent in a pile of snow for the thrill of it. That would be crazy.

Welcome to the modern age, where life at home is so comfortable people actually think of climbing the Bighorn Mountains and camping in sub-zero temperatures as a thrill.

Sure, it's beautiful. Yes, the night sky is filled with more stars then you have ever imagined seeing. Okay, so you get away from everyone you want to get away from because there is no way they are going to follow you. There is all that.

But it's cold.

Still, if you find the idea adventures, maybe even romantic, here are two videos that might help a little. In a tent or a tiny rented cabin, there might just be something to this special kind of crazy.

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