The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees has voted to extend the mask mandate for students inside most University of Wyoming buildings. The policy will be revisited in subsequent meetings of the board.

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There currently are 63 active cases among UW students and employees.

Exceptions to the indoor mask requirement are voluntary public events such as athletics and music, theater and dance performances; voluntary social events; and private, by-invitation events that involve rental and/or use of UW spaces on campus.

For classes where the ability to see speakers’ mouths is essential, faculty members have the ability to seek exceptions to the masking policy.

Along with this, employees and students who have legitimate medical reasons to not wear masks can seek exceptions.

UW continues to strongly encourage COVID-19 vaccinations -- as well as reporting of those vaccinations.

As of Monday, 4,282 UW students had reported being vaccinated to Student Health.

In an anonymous survey at the start of the semester, 88 percent of employees and 66 percent of students said they had been vaccinated.

UW will continue to conduct weekly random-sample testing of 3 percent of the on-campus population.

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