The Laramie County Sheriff's Office has identified 33-year-old Nicholas Johnson as the man shot and wounded during a fight in south Cheyenne Friday night.

Lt. Don Hollingshead says deputies were called to 909 W. College apartment F around 9:50 p.m.

"Two men were heard out front of the building arguing over some type of sale or ownership of a vehicle," said Hollingshead. "(Witnesses) heard three to four shots and then (Johnson) crumpled to the ground."

"The suspect, 59-year-old Charles Hopkins, left the scene, but was found the next morning unconscious in a ditch near the apartment," he added. "The gun that we believe was used was lying next to him."

Hollingshead says Hopkins was taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center with injuries related to a fall and is currently in the intensive care unit.

Johnson, who suffered multiple internal injuries, is also in the ICU in guarded critical condition.

"(Hopkins) is being charged with aggravated assault until we get more definitive information of what transpired," said Hollingshead. "Once (Johnson) is conscious, we'll need to question him to find out the particulars of the argument and if they rise to the level of more intensified charges."

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