Here are the unofficial results from Semi-Finals (eighth performance) and Finals qualifiers at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo on Saturday, July 28

.Bareback Riding: 1, Jess Pope, Waverly, Kan., 86.5 points on Three Hills Rodeo’s Short Stuff Bucks, $3,144. 2, Waylon Bourgeois, Church Point, La., 85.5, $2,182. 3, Kade Berry, Weatherford, Texas, 84.5, $ 1,715. 4, (tie) Orin Larsen, Inglis, Manitoba, Canada, and Richmond Champion, Stevensville, Mont., 84, $905 each. 6, (tie) Trevan McAllister, Ronan, Mont., and Keenan Hayes, Hayden, Colo., 83.50, $238 each. Finals qualifiers: Pope, Bourgeois, Kade Berry, Larsen, Champion, McAllister, Hayes, Donny Proffit, Diamondville, Wyo.; Ben Kramer, Max, N.D.; Jacek Frost, Browns Valley, Calif.; Kade Sonnier, Carencro, La.; Leighton Berry, Weatherford, Texas; Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif.; and Cole Reiner, Buffalo, Wyo.


Breakaway Roping: 1, KeAnn Hayes, Blanchard, Okla., 3.5 seconds, $5,983. 2, Joey Williams, Volberg, Mont., 3.8, $4,533. 3, Anna Callaway, Billings, Mont., 4.3, $3,263. 4, Misti Brown, Valentine, Neb., 4.8, $2,175. 5, Kayelen Helton, Stephenville, 5.2, $1,269. 6 , Brandy Schaack, Chadron, Neb., 5.4, $907. Finals qualifiers: Hayes, Williams, Callaway, Brown, Helton, Schaack, Bryana Lehrmann, Lexington, Texas; Willow Wilson, Baggs, Wyo.; Bradi Good, Abilene, Texas; Shayla Hall, Belle Fourche, S.D.; Martha Angelone, Stephenville, Texas, and Cassidy Boggs, Stephenville, Texas.


Tie Down Roping: 1, Jake Pratt, Ellensberg, Wash., 12.3 seconds, $5,200. 2, Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas, 13.5, $4,300. , 3, Carsyn Sunvision, McDade, Texas, 13.6, $3,400. 4, Trent Creager, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 13.7, $2,500. 5, (tie) John Douch, Huntsville, Texas, and Tate Thomas, Sterling City, Texas, 16.8, $ 1,250 each. Finals qualifiers: Pratt, Hughes, Sunvision, Creager, Douch, Thomas, Taylor Santos, Creston, Calif.; Marcos Costa, Tolar, Texas; Quade Hiatt, Canyon, Texas; Luke Potter, Maple City, Kansas; Haven Meged, Miles City, Mont., and Britt Bedke, Oakley, Utah.


Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, (tie) Lefty Holman, Visalia, Calif., United Pro Rodeo’s Awesome Sauce, and Cole Elshere, Faith, S.D., on Summit Pro Rodeo’s Big John, 85 points, $2,645 each. 3, Cameron Messier, Herald, Calif., 84.5, $1,642. 4, (tie) Stu Wright, Coalville, Utah; Dylan Hancock, Clarendon, Texas, and Tegan Smith, Winterset, Iowa, 83.5, $730 each. Finals qualifiers: Holman, Elshere, Messier, Wright, Hancock, Smith, Q Taylor, Casper, Wyo.; Sage Newman, Melstone, Mont.; Ryder Sanford, Sulphur, La.; Isaac Diaz, Desdemona, Texas; Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, and Shorty Garrett, Eagle Butte, S.D.


Team Roping: 1, (tie) Curry Kirchner, Ames, Okla., and Billie Jack Saebens, Nowata, Okla.; and Corben Culley, Muse, Okla., and Blayne Horn, McAlester, Okla., 8.9, $ each. 2, Andrew Ward, Edmond, Okla., and Buddy Hawkins II, Stephenville, Texas, 9.3, $ each. 4, Clayton Van Aken, Yoder, Wyo., and Cullen Teller, Ault, Colo., 9.4, $2,500 each. 5, Mitch Barney, Blair, Neb., and J.W. Nelson, Alta, Iowa, 9.8, $1,600 each. 6, Edgar Aguilar, Greeley, Colo., Edgar Villegas, Denver, Colo., 10.2, $900 each. Finals qualifiers: Kirchner and Saebens, Culley and Horn, Ward and Hawkins, Van Aken and Teller, Barney and Nelson, Aguilar and Villegas, Bubba Buckaloo, Kingston, Okla., and J.R. Gonzales, Maypearl, Texas; Matt Sherwood , Pima, Ariz., and Dylin Ahlstrom, Hooper, Utah; Jr. Dees, Aurora, S.D., and Ross Ashford, Lott, Texas; Billy Bob Brown, Carbon, Texas, and Kirby Blankenship, Lampasas, Texas; Kaleb Driggers, Hoboken, Ga., and Junior Nogueira, Presidente Prude, Brazil; and Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz., and Paul Eaves, Lonedell, Mo.


Steer Wrestling: 1, Dakota Eldridge, Elko, Nev., 6.6 seconds, $4,060. 2, Billy Boldon, Oglala, S.D., 7.6, $3,360. 3, Walt Arnold, Coleman, Texas, 8.1, $2,660. 4, Chisum Docheff, Mead, Colo., 8.7, $1,960. 5, (tie) Tate Petrak, Martin, S.D., and Newt Novich, Twin Bridges, Mont., 8.8, $980 each. Finals qualifiers: Eli Lord, Sturgis, S.D.; Rowdy Parrott, Bellville, Texas; Tyler Waguespack, Gonzales, La.; Don Payne, ; Tristan Martin, La.; and Cameron Moorman, Glen Ullin, N.D.


Barrel Racing: 1, Leslie Smalygo, Skiatook, Okla., 17.27 seconds, $5,248. 2, Summer Kosel, Glenham, S.D., 17.28, $4,343. 3, Kassie Mowry, Dublin, Texas, 17.53, $3,438. 4, Tarryn Lee, St. David, Ariz., 17.56, $2,533 . 5, Michelle Merrick, Buckeye, Ariz., 17.61 seconds, $1,629. 6, Shyann Lucas, Jackson, Wyo., 17.65, $905. Finals qualifiers: Smalygo, Kosel, Mowry, Lee, Merrick, Lucas, Sue Smith, Blackfoot, Idaho; Lacinda Rose, Willard, Mo.; Taycie Matthews, Wynne, Ark.; Wenda Johnson, Pawhuska, Okla.; Sharon Harrell, Wickenburg, Ariz., and Tara Seaton, Winslow, Ariz.


Bull Riding: 1, Bryce Jensen, Huntsville, Texas, 89.5 points on Stace Smith Rodeo’s Redneck Romeo, $3,109. 2, Tristen Hutchings, Monteview, Idaho, 88.5, $2,355. 3, Garrett Smith, Rexberg, Idaho, 88, $1,696. 4, Ky Hamilton, Mackay, Queensland, Australia, 86, $1,131. 5, Josh Frost, Randlett, Utah, 85.5, $660 . 6, Riggin Shippy, Colome, S.D., 83.5, $471 . Finals qualifiers: Jensen, Hutchings, Smith, Hamilton, Frost, Shippy, Cannon Cravens, Porum, Okla.; Tyler Taylor, Stephenville, Texas; Trey Holston, Fort Scott, Kansas; Parker Breding, Edgar, Mont.; Stetson Wright, Beaver, Utah, and Cullen Telfer, Plant City, Fla.


The following events do not have Semi Finals.


·    Rookie Saddle Bronc Riding: (first round winners) 1, Caleb Brangham, Big Piney, Wyo., 85 points, $1,242. 2, Hunter Greathouse, Santa Fe, Texas, 82, $941. 3, Lavern Borntreger, Elsmere, Neb., 79, $677. 4, (tie) Isaac Richard, Eunice, La.; Slade Keith, Stanfield, Ariz., and Denton Mars, Freedom, Okla., 78, $301 each. (second round winners) 1, Coleman Shallbetter, Gunnison, Colo., 82 points, $1,242. 2, (tie) Cauy Masters, Leon, Iowa, and Clancy Glenn, Parma, Idaho, 79, $810 each. 4, Caleb Newell, Vernon, Texas, 78, $452. 5, Blake Steuck, Hume, Mo., and Tayson Jones, Howes, S.D., 75, 4226 each. (overall winners – total on two) 1, Keith, 151 points, $1,242. 2, Newell, 148, $941. 3, Masters, 146, $677. 4, Richard, 145, $452. 5, Borntreger, 144, $263. 6, Glenn, 139, $188.

·    Wild Horse Race: 1, Team Roanhorse, $550. 2, Team Agin, $413. 3, Billy Scharton, $275. 4, NDN Outlaw, $137.50.

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