By now most people have had about enough of the winter the skies that blanket Wyoming each time a front moves through. But as we move into spring, and then summer, the types of cloud formations that we see begin to change. A few are unique to Wyoming.

Some of the regional clouds might explain the occasional Wyoming UFO sighting. The website Astronomy Picture Of The Day posted a strange disc-like shape moving across the sky, with a tail that almost made it look like a comet. According to National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For WY, people were actually reporting weather anomalies.

The weather chasers called Base Hunters captured the massive hanging and ominous dark cloud in the video, above. It caused quite a stir, both locally and online when a thunderstorm developed into a supercell near Clareton, Wyoming.

Massive thunderstorms, called supercells, are most common across the great planes and generally cause two reactions: 1. 'WOW I have to stand here and watch this!" Which quickly becomes 2., "WOW - Why am I still standing here?"

Some clouds are mostly not clouds. A weather event called virga happens when a smaller cloud starts dumping rain before it ever had a chance to build into a thunder storm. You know virga when you see long wisps of bending mist pouring out of the bottom of the cloud and reaching toward the ground, but never quite making it.

There will be a lot of interesting things to see in the Wyoming sky this summer. As Jack Horkheimer used to say, "Just keep looking up."

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