Two men have been sentenced this year in separate cases in Rock Springs for sexual exploitation.

That's according to a Facebook Post from the Rock Springs Police Department. The men are identified as Micheal Nelson and Dwaine Chesser (above photos).

Nelson (above left) on August 21 was sentenced to 5-7 years in prison for sexual exploitation. In April, Dwaine Chesser (above right) was sentenced to 5-10 years in prison for attempted sexual exploitation of children.

Both cases originated in Rock Springs and were investigated by the Rock Springs Police Department.

The post also refers people to the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children [NCMEC] website for more information about exploitation.

The website says online attempts to exploit children often begin in seemingly innocent ways, such as a simple hello or compliments from someone the child doesn't know.

The post says the following are common tactics used to groom or entice children online:

·        Starting a sexual conversation as a grooming method rather than a goal

·        Asking a child for sexual images or videos

·        Developing a rapport through compliments, shared interests, or liking their online post.

·        Sending or offering sexual images or videos of themselves

·        Offering an incentive such as a gift card, alcohol, drugs, lodging, transportation, or food.

The post says some behaviors put kids at higher risk of being targeted online. These include such things as giving a fake age to get access to online platforms for adults and starting conversations with people they only know online.

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