Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means family, travel and food. So when people are stuffed and need a good chuckle, you can break out some turkey facts.

Here are 5 trivia turkey facts that are sure to be "gobbled up" by your guest and family members.

  1. Sarah Josepha Hale - Magazine editor that helped President Abraham Lincoln get the declaration out that Thanksgiving would be a national holiday. She also wrote the famous nursery rhyme "Mary Had A Little Lamb."
  2. T.V. Dinners - The old time dinners were born during Thanksgiving. In 1953, Swanson Foods had miscounted how many turkeys they would need to stock for sale. They came up short. So to fix the problem, they decided to make little dinners with sliced turkey. It was a big hit and a favorite dinner was born.
  3. Why Are They Called "Turkey's?" - Guinea Fowls were imported to Europe from Turkish merchants back in the day, and therefore the English named the bird turkeys.
  4. Baby Turkey Names - These little guys are already branded to be cooked. It has been said that a turkey that is less than 12 weeks old is called a fryer turkey. He was doomed from the get go.
  5. Benjamin Franklin - The inventor and signer of the Declaration of Independence sought to have the turkey as our country's bird. The reason was, in his words, the turkey was a more "respectable bird" and the eagle had "bad moral character."