7:07AM MST: Roger Sorkin:Producer/Director, "The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military, and National Security"...The Military, Fuel Dependence & National
Security  According to military officials, the big security issue on the White House agenda isn’t Syria or Iran but the U.S. military’s dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. It’s a hot topic political issue with far-ranging economic and security implications. Roger Sorkin,
producer and director of the documentary The Burden, will tell your audience why generals and undersecretaries are now openly demanding an end to U.S. military dependence on oil, gas and coal. You’ll learn why it costs $400 a gallon for fuel in Afghanistan and which party is more likely to listen to generals: Democrats or Republicans?
7:37AM MST   Dr. Paul Faerstein: is the Chief Science Officer at Prescription Vitamins LLC and owner of Zuckerman Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York. As a second-generation pharmacist, Dr. Faerstein possesses a keen awareness of drug-nutrient-depletion side effects and routinely recommends dietary supplements to his patient-customers to successfully offset those side effects. ARE STATIN DRUGS WORTH THE SIDE EFFECTS?: New Cholesterol Medicine Breakthrough!
BROOKLYN, NY—Statin drug patients suffering from common related side effects, such as muscle and joint pain, liver problems, and mental confusion or memory loss, now have access to a revolutionary natural supplement remedy designed to be taken in tandem with their medication.

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Statinzyme combines all nine of these attributes into one dose, giving patients a more convenient, cost-effective and pharmacologically accurate solution to feeling better on their statin prescription.

“Statins are good drugs that can save lives,” says Dr. Paul Faerstein, Chief Science Officer at Prescription Vitamins LLC, the developer of Statinzyme. “But, as with most medications, their benefits come with a price. The key is to leverage these benefits, while preventing this nutrient depletion that can also seriously harm us.”

In some cases, explains Faerstein, the negative side effects can be more serious than expected, and obscure enough that the patient doesn’t make the connection. Some can, ironically, increase the odds of heart attack and stroke, while others have been known to cause an Alzheimer’s-like condition called Trans Global Amnesia.

About Statinzyme:
Statinzyme is an advanced supplement formula that combines precise amounts of coenzyme Q10, high-potency fish oil (40/20), evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, natural vitamin D3, resveratrol, folic acid, B12 and B6 (Pyridoxine). It is formulated in the United States, in an FDA-audited facility that is certified by the National Science Foundation.

For more information on the negative health conditions associated with taking statin drugs and how Statinzyme, unlike any other product on the market, is uniquely formulated to address these conditions, visit Statinzyme.com.

Morning Zone Guest and Defense Dept. Liaison David Conn

8:07am MST David Conn: joined the Defense Department as a liaison among West Coast Navy and Air Force bases, the Defense Department and several industrial transportation companies. Prior to that Conn was lead analyst with Chevron’s environmental laboratory.

David has interviewed many of the people he has chosen to fictionalize in his new novel, “Lednorf’s Dilemma,” including professors, theologians, politicians, and numerous technical people within private industry and the Department of Defense, as well as, at times, with various intelligence agents.

David Conn is a recognized expert on cult mentalities and coauthored the book, “The Cult that Died,” published by G. P. Putnams’s Sons, New York. IP OF THE SPEIER: Democratic Congresswoman shot by Jim Jones' thugs in Guyana on House Gun Control task force. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) was shot five times in Guyana, South America in 1978. She visited the notorious Jonestown with Rep. Leo Ryan (D-CA) when she was a legal aid to the Congressman. Ryan was the only U.S. Congressman murdered in the line of duty.Today, Speier is one of twelve Congressman on the House task force that is working to assist Barack Obama in the latter's push for tighter gun control.

David Conn, who tracked Jones and spent years trying to alarm the media, is an expert on the relationships Jones had with Democratic politicians. Ben Barrack, author of Unsung Davids, a book with a chapter that tells Conn's story, is amazed by the fact that Speier is still a Democrat. “Jim Jones was a professed Marxist,” Barrack Says, “and he acquired the power he did with the help of the Democratic Party.”

Through the use of Community Organizing tactics, Jones was able to get George Moscone elected Mayor of San Francisco; Democratic Assemblyman – and future Mayor of Oakland Willie Brown helped Jones become chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority; Governor Jerry Brown made several visits to Jones' Temple.

Everywhere you look in the background of Jim Jones, you will find leftists and Democrats. “Even Ralph Nader has blood on his hands,” Barrack said. “When he was approached in confidence by a couple who defected from his Temple, it got back to Jones. That couple was further terrorized and ultimately killed.”

In addition to both Conn and Barrack being amazed that Speier is still a Democrat, they find it quite audacious for the Democratic Party to use her in a way to draw attention to gun violence. “In a way, they're drawing attention to themselves but Republicans aren't calling them on it,” Conn said.