Today's schedule includes:

7:07AM MST Law enforcement columnist, Jim Kouri will visit with host Dave Chaffin on his latest column (posted here under "Opinion"), During the busy shopping weekend, that began with Black Friday through the Thanksgiving holiday-weekend on Saturday and Sunday, many Christmas bargain-hunters were subjected to loud, boisterous labor demonstrations in front of department stores such as the Wal-Mart chain and other non-union retailers, according to numerous national and local media stories.The tactics employed by the protesters include being arrested by police officers and portraying them as brutal cops while creating "martyrs" for the labor movement, according to several law enforcement officials who spoke with Law Enforcement Examiner.Only a few news media outlets covered the allegations and evidence that union front groups are staging these holiday shopping protests in cities and towns throughout the country.

7:37 MST: Early Bird Open lines. You are invited to pick the topic and call into the program to discuss them...toll free 1-888-503-6500 or 307-632-632-6500

8:07AM MST: Wyoming Liberty Group's Regina Meena joins Dave for her monthly review of their major event of the month tonight at 6PM. The focus will be on where we are and where we are going with Obamacare.

9:07AM MST: The folks from Laramie County Community College will be on talking about the latest, exciting events at the college.