The Wyoming Highway Patrol will be placing extra Troopers on the State’s roadways during saturation patrols looking for impaired drivers on New Year’s Eve.  These extra patrols are carried out by officers assigned solely to look for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some Troopers will also be participating in multi-jurisdictional programs in their areas assisting other law enforcement agencies in an attempt to make the holiday period safer for drivers and pedestrians. The funding for this impaired driving campaign for the extra Troopers is made possible by a Federal grant secured by WYDOT’s Highway Safety Offi

Along with the increased enforcement effort, the Wyoming Highway Patrol is asking motorists to help keep the State’s roadways safe by calling the REDDI (“Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately”) hotline number to report a suspected drunk driver.  That number is 800-442-9090.  Callers should be prepared to provide the Patrol dispatcher with a description of the vehicle, its location, and direction of travel.

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