Summer is on, the weather is hot and it's tourist versus bison in Yellowstone National Park.

So far the bison are winning.

What we really need here is a good sports announcer to call the game. Maybe that will be our next post on the subject.

For now, however, here are the top 5 Wyoming Tourist VS Bison videos, so far this year.


  • 1

    Don't Get Too Close

    Too late. They got too close.

  • 2

    Not On A Motorcycle

    It is bad enough when a bison attacks a car. Don't stop to view them if on a motorcycle. There isn't any protection.

  • 3


    Then the herd acts as a group there is little hope for the stupid. Just get out of the way.

  • 4

    Roll The Window Up?

    You will hear a woman say, roll your window up. How does that help against a beast this size?

  • 5

    Nowhere To Hide

    This tourist gets tossed high in the air after trying to hide behind a small tree.

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