The gallows. The gas chamber. The prisoners who went to Wyoming's Death House. There are many stories to tell.

In this video you will see how a man who was sentenced to be hanged would, in effect, take his own life. The gallows invention was the idea of a man from Cheyenne.

The first hanging at the prison site in Wyoming happened in 1912, the last in 1933.

The video includes on story of a man who was too light to hang, and how the prison guards solved this problem.

The tour also includes a view of the prison grave yard where 12 men executed in Wyoming are buried along side other's who died in prison.

The gas chamber opens with a creepy creaky sound. It is unsettling. The chamber is made of metal. It is very small with one metal chair in the center. Only 5 men were executed in the old gas chamber.

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