New York City gave America The Charleston. Wait, what? Well, actually it came from Charleston South Carolina originally, but New York introduced it to the nation.

New York also gave us Break Dancing and many other popular forms of modern movement.

Well, it's about time those Eastcoasters found out that they aren't the only ones making up popular dance moves. Wyoming has a few.


  • 1

    Tekcno Pow Wow

    The Tekcno Pow Wow is a combination of Wyoming tribal Indian dance mixed with tekcno dance moves. You have to see it to believe how cool it looks.

  • 2

    Wyoming Safety Dance

    Preformed only at certain moments during UW football games. You can't just do this dance any time you want.

  • 3

    Ten Sleep Homecoming

    Ten Sleep Homecoming shows that one of Wyoming's smallest town's knows how to shake it.

  • 4

    Wyoming Pole Dance

    You read that correctly. The Wyoming Pole Dance. It's not what you think. There is a bear involved.

  • 5

    The Datkidbabas

    Amazing Dance Session in Wyoming by a very talented young man.

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