Listen today from 4-7PM MST as Sean's guests will be:

5:05pm MST Governor Rick Perry will join us as part of our Meet the Candidate Series along with Arizona's notoriously tough law enforcement agent, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to discuss the issue of illegal immigration in the United States.

Sean will get these border state officials' opinions on the current situation and both will recommend policies they believe will fix the problem.

5:35pm MST Contributing Editor at National Review and Author of "The Grand Jihad" Andrew McCarthy will weigh in on a Nuclear Iran-- how can we stop the Iranians from continuing to enrich uranium, what would Iran do with nuclear capabilities and why is it important to them? We'll ask, you'll learn!

6:05pm MST Focus Group Extraordinaire Mr. Frank Luntz will evaluate the neck and neck race between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, and the latest information being released by Herman Cain-- what does it mean for his candidacy?