A spokesman for Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power (CLFP) says now is a good time to take steps to keep your winter heating bills down.

Alan Stoinski says one good step is to schedule an energy audit with CLFP. He says the audit will take a look at a number of things that can affect your heating bill, including insulation, caulking, windows, furnace efficiency and other issues.

Stoinksi says it's also important to remember to change your furnace filters regularly.

He says you shouldn't change your thermostat temperature more than eight degrees through the course of the day because wide swings in temperature make your furnace work harder, burning more fuel. Stoinski says you may also want to invest in a programmable thermostat. Because those devices automatically adjust the temperature for when more or less heat is needed they often more than pay for their cost in heating bill savings,

And Stoinksi says something as simple as leaving your drapes open on sunny days and keeping them closed at night or during colder weather can also save money.


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