Want to find out the latest on Iran's development of nuclear weapons? Check out host Dave Chaffin's interview with expert, John Wohlstetter at 7:07AM MDT.

7:37AM MDT ASK-A-LOCAL-EXPERT, Travis Lingenfelter, Marketing Director at Pointe Frontier Retirement Community in Cheyenne returns with more informative discussion on the latest issues effecting seniors in our community.

At 8:07AM MDT..You think that poliical commercial you just heard was bad? Listen as Larry Tagg talks about what the mud slinging political ads of 150 years ago looked like.

8:37 AM MDT, a Very Special Discussion with our own meteorologist Don Day will be on with us to tell us of his personal experience as the chief meteorologist for the record breaking 24 mile high skydive in New Mexico last week.

9:07AM MDT, Dr. Mark Stock, Superintendent of Laramie County School District #1 joins Dave for his monthly update on the latest issues and idead moving forward in our public education system.