I like to think we have something special here in Wyoming. We do, but there are other Wyoming's out there and the one in Michigan is kinda scary. I'll try to explain why.

I want to be clear that I love the state of Michigan. It's an especially beautiful place especially the areas near the Great Lakes and the upper peninsula. Wyoming, Michigan isn't any of that. It's technically a suburb of Grand Rapids as you can see here.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Don't get me wrong. Grand Rapids is a fine fine city. It really isn't that far from the gorgeous Great Lakes truth be told. But, if you compare Casper to Wyoming, Michigan, you'll see big differences.

I like to check Best Places when comparing cities. If you look at Casper compared to Wyoming, Michigan, you'll notice that their violent crime rate is nearly triple what we have here.

We also have better weather here if you like sunshine. Best Places claims we have approximately 25% more sunshine every year compared to Wyoming, Michigan.

Why is Wyoming, Michigan a little scary? I check YouTube every single day for Wyoming things. That means Wyoming, Michigan stuff ends up in front of my eyes whether I like it or not. If you do a specific search for "Wyoming, Michigan police" (please don't), you'll see a long list of videos showing nastiness.

It's not all bad news for the Wyoming in Michigan. It is ranked as one of the manliest cities in America. Testosterone for the win. It's also allegedly a great place for a block party. Good for you Wyoming in Michigan. Just don't watch the news unless you're brave.

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