The Weather Channel and the internet has given a lot of attention payed to winds piling up tumbleweeds over the past few week.

Entire neighborhoods have been buried. Highway traffic has been halted.

That is not so surprising when we realize that it is tumbleweed season, and the winds this spring have been blowing at record levels.

So how bad has it been in Wyoming? Here are a few videos to give you a visual.



  • 1

    Highway Tumbleweeds

    Not bad enough to stop traffic. Fun to watch.

  • 3

    Tumbleweed Invasion In Wyoming

    When the wind switches direction in Wyoming, you can count on the tumbleweeds to go tumbling.

  • 3

    Wyoming Tumbleweeds

    Over a back highway and hop the fence.

  • 4

    Roy Rogers & Sons Of The Pioneers

    Drifting Along With The Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

  • 5

    Sylvia Sing Her Song 'Tumbleweed'

    A sweet ballad she released as a single in 1980.

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