What did those mailboxes ever do to that man to make him want to shoot them up with a shotgun? That's what police are asking. Okay maybe they are not asking like that, but they are asking.

County 17 reports that on Hoe Creek Road in Cambell Country, Wyoming, someone with a shotgun blew up some mailboxes then, later, blew up their replacements.

The local sheriff said the attacks began April 1 and were reported to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. Was it an April Fool's joke? Not funny if it was.

Five innocent mailboxes were riddled with buckshot.

On April 2nd, the mailboxes were replaced, then shot up again.

Total damage is estimated at $250. The penalty can be much higher than that if the killer, or killers, are found,

You see, under U.S. Code 1705 it is a federal crime to vandalize, or murder, a mailbox. That can mean up to 3 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine for each act of vandalism, according to the USPIS.

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