Some pets just don't cuddle. A pet scorpion, for example, is not something to cuddle with.

People have pet frogs, turtles, alligators, snakes, spiders, horses, pigs.

But who in their right mind would have a pet buffalo? Well, apparently someone in Wyoming does, and he lets it ride in his car. It's a convertible.


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    My Pet Buffalo - Yellowstone

    Here is one fellow out near Yellowstone who has a pet buffalo, or so he says. Maybe he just met a buffalo who wanted some food.

  • 2

    Buffalo makes unusual house pet

    Bailey D. Buffalo Jr. is the second buffalo that Jim Sautner and his wife Linda have trained to be part of their family. They let it ride in their convertible.

  • 3

    Buffalo in the house - BBC News

    Liz Bonnin tries to avoid an adult Buffalo that follows her into a house. Talk about a bull in a china shop. This video is from Texas but we won't hold that against them.

  • 4

    BIG KIDS "Pet Buffalo"

    Watch a couple of "big kids" talk about their pet buffalo.

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