It only has 4 subscribers and 7 videos. None of the videos are any good. They mostly don't make any sense. But that is what you will find on the Weird Wyoming YouTube page.

In the video above it looks like a rather attractive young lady dancing and lip sinking one night at Woods Landing. This video was posted in 2015.

Not quite sure what to make of the other videos. Some look like family photo albums and there is one that involves pictures of a woman dressed for roller derby.

Here is a video of that same attractive young lady dressed like a cowgirl and dancing for the camera at home. She's actually pretty good. Her dog tries to dance with her. The dog is pretty good, too. This video was posted in 2014.

I have no idea why this YouTube page is even on the web. No idea why it was never taken down since the 7 videos posted here are all old and the page seems to have been forgotten.

So, enjoy. I guess.

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