Snakes are a problem in any state. But in Wyoming, folks must be particularly careful where they step.

Walking forward across the grasslands and over rocks, buttes and bluffs, one must keep an eye to the ground as well as to where one is going.

It's bad enough to come across one bad snake. Imagine finding an entire den.

Here are a few hair raising videos showing found snake dens in Wyoming.


  • 1

    Close Up

    Getting this close with a camera takes a lot of nerve.

  • 2

    Eclipse Rattler

    Tourist found this fellow just before the eclipse on 2017.

  • 3

    Prairie Rattler

    Walking in Wyoming's high grass sounds nice. Watch your feet.

  • 4

    Pit Of Snakes

    Don't upset the family.

  • 5

    Shooting The Snake

    There are so many taking the population down one does not even make a dent in the population.

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