There are a lot of old tractors in Wyoming. Some are still working. Some are on display along roadside property lines for everyone to admire.

But where is the oldest tractor in Wyoming? Does anyone know?

The Car Wash Guys in La Barge Wyoming, way out on the Southwestern side of the state have what they claim is The oldest tractor in La Barge, Wyoming. It may be the oldest in the state.

The "Tractor Restoration Museum" and Home For "Retirement Center For Aged Tractors" includes a 1919 Fordson is the oldest in La Barge, and possibly the oldest tractor in the state. That's a 98-year-old piece of machinery.

The museum is a lifetime hobby of Don Studt. Studt has lived in Wyoming for 73 years, according to the Car Wash Guys website. You'll have to drive out to the museum to see for yourself.

Perhaps you have an ancient tractor of your own? How old is yours, let us know if it is older.

Check out a different 1919 Fordson below.


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