Are you up to date on your slang terms? Every generation seems to have their own and they are pretty much everchanging. They evolve non-stop. Something could be super old six months from now. Someone might tell you, "That was so Fall 2021," and they wouldn't be completely wrong. That's just how fast slang is changing these days. So what's the most puzzling slang term used in Wyoming?

When we're talking about slang terms, there's a lot that could be covered, but you might just show your age based on something you say, so be careful what you let slip. I can remember when someone would say, "Her style is on fleek!" However, if you said that now, someone might respond by saying, "Okay, Boomer!" That's how old it is at this point. I don't even know if I used 'on fleek' correctly, because it's not something I would use but apparently, it's ancient at this point.

But to some degree, everyone uses today's slang. And this is today's slang, based on the researched source. Things like, 'GOAT', ratio, yeet, bae, bet, tfw, cringe, Karen, savage, ghost, slay, bop, lit, salty, vibe, flex, mood, basic, and slaps are prime examples of today's slang and also the most puzzling slang words in each state. There's more, but honestly, I was much more familiar with that list and the one that was picked as Wyoming's most puzzling slang term.

It seems that Wyoming's most puzzling slang term is also the same for our northern and southern bordering states. Both Montana and Colorado are having issues with what exactly it means, or at least to what degree is it applicable. But Wyoming's most puzzling slang term is 'woke'. Technically, woke means to be well-informed of and sensitive to cultural issues.

You should tread lightly with this term given the political nature of it. If someone should ever use the term in regular conversation. Perhaps, first you might want to ask them what they think that means and then go from there. Given our location in a very conservative state, just to the north of a state that's primarily been much more progressive in recent years, it might be an indifferent word to use in a conversation between two parties. To see what the most puzzling slang terms are for each state, click here.

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