Mineral Hot Springs can pop up in the most unusual places. It's simply amazing to find one in a small Wyoming town that is open 24 hours, 7 days a week—and it's free.

They call it the Saratoga “Hobo Hot Pool." It's owned and maintained by the town. The bathhouse is complete with showers and restroom facilities at the Hot Springs.

There are three pools: medium, hot and YIKES! Bubbles filter up through the sand and round your toes.
Before the pioneers arrived on the scene, the Wyoming Indians used the natural hot mineral water for what they believed to be its natural healing powers.
Saratoga is located on the west side of Medicine Bow Peak, on Highway 130. Walnut Street. From Hwy 130 turn east on Walnut. Just two down the road will end. You will see the swimming pool building in front, and there are sidewalks on each side of this building that lead to the Hobo Pool.

Don't worry about the people hanging out by the water. Everyone is in a mellow mood. 

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