The new YouTube 360 video craze helps viewers to see anything in the video, in all directions, just by dragging their mouse around on the video as it plays.

Some 360 videos have been shot in Wyoming. So we went through them and picked what we thought were the top five coolest, best of them all.

  • 1


    This was posted on the YouTube page FUN FOR LOUIS. Louis is currently on a round the world trip in a single propeller airplane.

  • 2

    Pacific Creek Campground Moran Wyoming 360

    The YouTube page CAMP GROUND VIEWS give us a 360 of where they pitched their tents by Pacific Creek, Wyoming.

  • 3

    The Road to Ames Monument 360

    A bumpy ride down a gravel and dirt road on a showy day. Posted by THE ROAD HEAD

  • 4

    University of Wyoming (360)

    Posted by the GE Johnson Construction Company. Go for a ride in VR with the final piece of structural steel to be put into place at the University of Wyoming Mick and Susie McMurry High Altitude Performance Center in Laramie.

  • 5

    Solar Eclipse 2017 Full 4K 360

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