Reservoirs in Wyoming seem to be drying up and some may have been dried up for a long time and one in particular, the Teeples Reservoir, according to YouTuber Johnny Quest.

I enjoy watching hunting and fishing shows, whether it be on Outdoor Tv or YouTube. It intrigues me to see the different styles, techniques and philosophy that each person uses. Sometimes I come across a video that really grabs my attention and that's what happened with an episode of Johnny Quest Fishing on YouTube.

Johnny Quest Fishing has been around since 2009, Johnny has a, YouTube Page, Blog Page, Instagram Page and a couple other social media accounts. In one particular YouTube video a couple weeks ago, he was searching for a missing reservoir. Yep, a missing reservoir, that is shown on maps. He actually found the spot is should have been...BUT, dry as a bone!

Johnny fishes a reservoir in Northern Wyoming when he discovered the Teeples Reservoir on his map. According to the map it is a pretty good sized body of water, so he wanted to check it out, but couldn't ever find the water. Johnny says in the video that he even approached Wyoming Fish and Game to get more information of the reservoir and they weren't aware of that particular reservoir. This is the video Johnny released with his theories and thoughts on the missing water. (it's long, you will scroll forward at times, but it is interesting.)

Have you ever gone searching for something that is on a map but just isn't there?  With all of the open land that Wyoming has, I'm pretty sure if the map says it's there and you can't find it...It's gotta be aliens, right?

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