How did those folks back in the 1950's make it through those old teaching films without laughing themselves crazy? They were all so corny.

Here is one about curing 'Spring Fever.' I'll warn you now, it's really bad. It also has nothing at all to do with Spring, the season, but there spring, or springs, You'll see. Anyway, if that sort of thing makes you laugh then please watch it.

After seemly endless days of wind and cold Wyoming finally has a week or more of sunny days with mild temperatures and little or no wind.

If you suddenly fell a tugging sensation that is spring fever calling your outside. Yes, that's right, it is now safe to go outside.

It does not matter what you do, just as long as you do it out side. A road trip does wonders. Outside is often not enough. Out of town does wonders for the once a year fever. If you do go out of town make sure being out side is part of being out of town.

Just get out. It is the only cure for Spring Fever. Not taking advantage of these nice days will lead to the following symptoms:

1). You become a big fat jerk that no one wants to be around.

2). Fights with those you love the most.

3). Bad days at work.

4). Loss of sleep

5). Inability to concentrate.

6). Mood swings, usually for the worse.

So - get out side. It is the only cure.


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