the hole

Kaysen Says City Considering Fence For ‘The Hole’
Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the city is looking into putting a more decorative fence around the downtown Cheyenne property commonly referred to as ''the hole".
The East Lincolnway property has been widely regarded as an eyesore ever since a 2004 fire destroyed a business that h…
Would A New Fence Fix ‘The Hole’?
Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says that while talks continue between the city and a Kansas company about a possible purchase by the city of the 2/3 of the property it doesn't currently own, officials are looking to mitigate the visual impact of the empty property with a new, more decorative fence.…
Steenburgen Urges Action on ‘The Hole’
Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and C-E-O Dale Steenburgen says  his organization isn't taking a position on whether the city should purchase a property on West Lincolnway commonly referred to as "the hole". But he says it's clear that something needs …
City Considering Purchase of “the hole”
The Cheyenne City Council is considering authorizing Mayor Rick Kaysen to negotiate the purchase of the remaining two-thirds of a property on West Lincolnway, commonly known as 'the hole", that is not already city-owned.