The snows are melting. The grass is greening. Flowers are about to bloom.

Tourist season is close at hand in the great state of Wyoming.

Soon we shall see the migrating herd that arrives, each year, at about this time. Many will have a great time. Some will get injured. Some will die.

CNN reports:

Every once in a while, a visitor will die while attempting to take a photograph. For instance, one of the people who recently fell and died at Grand Canyon was reportedly trying to take photos at an overlook.
This is a serious concern for a lot of parks.
Yellowstone National Park provides a guide for visitors outlining dangerous selfie locations. Among them: Next to geysers, in a hot spring, in Yellowstone lake, on the edge of a canyon and alongside wildlife.

That is why, each year at this time, Townsquare media offers our Wyoming guide to surviving our states national parks.

Please enjoy, and share, the video, above, by Hank Patterson.

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