How far we have come.

Just a few generations ago we would not have known if a blizzard was coming our way. The best we new to do was spend all spring, summer and through the fall preparing for the worst that winter might through at us.

Preparing, back then, meant chopping down and chopping up then storing fuel. We would spend the better part of the year growing and raising food and hopping that most if it survived through the seasons to be stored before winter.

Back then people needed to make sure we had shelters well suited for anything mother nature might throw at us, and, as you know, she can be brutal.

Way back when surviving a blizzard meant just that, surviving it. It was not easy to keep a little place warm with a tiny fire. Animals needed to be tended to no matter how bad the storm got, because they were needed as soon as the spring thaw arrived.

Those are just a few things things that people had to worry about, way back when.

Today, thanks to modern inventions brought to us by today's competitive free markets, we have it so easy it is pretty much stupid when we complain.

We know a storm is coming long before it does.

We make a quick trip to the store where everything we need is just waiting for us on the shelf. No struggling to grow or raise it.

No need to chop down trees and split and stack wood for heat. Just crank the knob to where we are comfortable.

We make sure our Netflix is paid up then sit with our hands in the snack bowl watching our favorite movie while complaining about how miserable it is outside.

How far we have come. How little we appreciate it.

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