If you doubt how patriotic we are in Wyoming, watch this. It's a new video showing Old Glory flying south of Casper near Shirley Basin, Wyoming.

Kudos to local photographer Jeremy Thies who captured this brief American moment near Shirley Basin, Wyoming.

Jeremy's capture has received some national attention and has now been shared by ViralHog.

By the way, if you're new to this part of Wyoming or live elsewhere, when Jeremy says this was recorded "in the middle of nowhere" he's not kidding.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I see something a bit profound in Jeremy's short video. America (and the world for that matter) may be tattered after a year of pandemic and political/social strife, but the flag still flies. That my sound corny to many, but I think that's why this simple video is resonating with so many.

Some have commented that it's disrespectful to allow a tattered flag to fly. That's a valid point. Country Living shared some details about the flag code and the proper way to retire a worn-out American Flag. I don't disagree, but still see a very poignant message in this still-flying flag. When the going gets tough, you hang in there.

Now, a photographer's brief video moment is being shared around the country to a country that really needs something symbolic right now.

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