The website Topix is just what anyone might think it is. Start a topic, maybe take a poll to get a discussion going.

Someone decided to start a poll asking "Why are Wyoming people so stupid???" It is a multiple choice survey with room to leave a comment.

Possible answer are: 

Lack of education.



All of the above.

To the credit of those responding to the poll most think the question is ignorant and unfair. Many of those who responded say they have never been to Wyoming so there is no reason to assume anything about the people in the state.

One comment reads, "Your post is ridiculous."

To those who responded - thanks.

Now, on to the person who posted this poll who goes by the name Rhodhiss Resident. it turns out that Rhodhiss is a small town in North Carolina. It is above Hickory, and almost in the Blue Ridge Mountain. Feel free to write your own jokes on that one.

Dear Rhodhiss Resident,

Did you meet someone from Wyoming that made you mad? Is that it?

Why did you put three question marks at the end of your stupid question?

Why did you only leave condescending answers to select from?

Have you ever been to Wyoming?

Why are people from Rhodhiss North Carolina so stupid?

We look forward to your answers.


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