Collecting moose antlers in Wyoming is both fun and profitable. There area also many things that can be made with moose antlers. Some practical. Some not. Some, just plain stupid. But so what.

Here area  few videos of crafty people making interesting things from moose antlers.


  • 1

    A Wedding Ring?

    If she is not impressed after all the work that went into a wedding ring then she is the wrong woman for you.

  • 2

    A Skate Board?

    Well, if it works, why not.

  • 3

    Carving Antler Art

    This time lapse is fun to watch.

  • 4

    Eagle Carving

    One solid piece done from a moose antler.

  • 5

    Moose Antler Knife Handle

    Can' beat the look of the grain and the feel of the antler in the hand.

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