I've got a good one for you. If you want to avoid natural disasters, come to Wyoming. Are you done laughing yet? Good. There really is a study that says our state is the go-to place to be safe.

One of my favorite internet sites is Homesnacks. I like Nick Johnson's articles because he's funny. The biggest laugh I've had in awhile from Nick is a recent one he did about which states have the most natural disasters. Wyoming is near the bottom of the list.

What states are more prone to natural disasters? One of the obvious answers would be California due to earthquakes. Texas is actually #1 on Nick's list thanks to big tornadoes and somewhat frequent hurricanes. Same goes for Alabama and Florida. Nick recommends that Florida people keep the insurance company on speed dial. Like I said, Nick is funny.

When you think about it, Wyoming is relatively safe from natural disasters...for now. We have a few earthquakes, but nothing normally destructive. Our tornadoes are normally just pretty clouds that wouldn't even mess up your hair if they ran into you. We don't have much flooding thanks to having pretty much no water. And, unless 2020 really gets weird, we don't have to worry about hurricanes here. BUT...we do have a potential whopper of a natural disaster waiting in the wings. I present to you our favorite super-volcano.

If Yellowstone decides to blow its top during our lifetime, that will not be a good day. For now, we are a good state to avoid natural disasters. Relax and enjoy your day...while you can.

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