According to a new study, Cheyenne has the lowest cost of living of any state capital in the country. Cheyenne's economy also ranked among the top five, while our "quality of life" ranking was among the worst.

The study compared the 50 state capital cities on several factors, including median household income, employment rate, education, health, nightlife and entertainment options. Cheyenne ranked 16th overall; first for affordability, fourth for economonic well being, 39th for education and health care and 43rd for quality of life.

Adjusted for cost of living, Cheyenne's median income ranked third in the study. Cheyenne also had the fifth lowest percentage of the population living below the poverty line. Pierre, South Dakota was the only state capital with a longer average work week than Cheyenne.

Austin, Tex. finished first in the study overall, followed by Madison, Boise, Lincoln, Neb. and Bismark, North Dakota. Trenton, New Jersey was ranked as the worst capital city. Hartford, Jackson, Miss., Montgomery, Ala. and Providence, Rhode Island rounded out the bottom five.

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