Proposals for taxes in the 2020 Wyoming Legislature and an ordinance designed to specify how a Cheyenne Mayor can spend city funds are among then topics slated for the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program on KGAB radio on Saturday.

The program runs from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturdays.  Cheyenne City Councilman Rocky Case is scheduled to appear at 11 a.m. to discuss a city council proposal to set parameters on some of the ways city funds can be spent by the mayor of Cheyenne going forward.

Case had been slated to come on the show last Saturday but had to re-schedule because of illness. At 11:30 economist Sven Larson with Americans for Tax Reform will be the guest, discussing some ways Wyoming lawmakers may try to address the state's revenue shortfall in the upcoming 2020 budget session, possibly including a corporate income tax on large retail outlets.

At 12 noon, a spokeswoman for the Cheyenne Safehouse Services program will come on the show to discuss the Safehouse program, the services it provides and the issue of domestic violence in Cheyenne.

The program will be live and people can all in with questions or comments for the guests at (307) 632-6500 or 632-3323.

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