The Wyoming State Capitol Building in Cheyenne is one of the state's most iconic buildings, but it is in need of some costly renovations.

State Construction Manager Rich Cathcart says while the building is structurally sound, the building’s steam-heating system is outdated, the air conditioning is nearly nonexistent, and its electrical wiring and water pipes require constant repair. In addition, a lack of a fire-suppression sprinkler system leaves the building vulnerable to disaster.

The Wyoming Legislature's Select Committee on Legislative Facilities received an update Monday on the condition of the historic Capitol Building as well as a new state office building project that is still in the design stage.

Cathcart told lawmakers that he received an estimate of $50 million dollars for renovation work at the capitol, but says he believes it can be done for less money than that.  The building's last major renovation was completed in 1980.

Cathcart says the renovations would take about two years to complete and the Legislature and other state officials who work year-round in the Capitol would need to move elsewhere.

To accommodate the move, the Wyoming Legislature is proceeding with the design plans to build a new state office building at the state-acquired property at the former Safeway grocery store on Pioneer Avenue. That building  could serve as a temporary place for officials and legislators during the renovation. Once the work is done, the office building would be used to house various agencies that currently are renting office space throughout Cheyenne.