Today on The Morning Zone, Dave's Guests will be:

7:07AM MST: H. L. Hussmann is a young author the brings new energy to spreading God’s word.
A spiritually uplifting speaker,  H.L.  was, at one time, so afraid of talking to people about Jesus, he spent the better part of two days getting sick in a hotel bathroom.Then, after a life-changing experience, he overcame his fear and has since traveled throughout the U.S. and the world sharing the Gospel and teaching others how to overcome their own fears.Now, as a guest on your show, Hussmann can reach out to your audience and deeply affect their own perspectives on faith and Christianity, while relaying to them some of the most amazing segments from his new book, Letters From a Martyred Christian.Filled with his own life experiences related to this subject and an absolutely captivating communicator, Hussmann can speak to virtually any question on the minds of the most logical people in your audience and bring a remarkable application of equal logic to make a case for the existence and love of God.

7:37AM MST: POOR FUEL ECONOMY: Will Gas Prices Hamstring Our Election-Year Recovery? Earlier this month, Steve Beaman, a successful entrepreneur and founder & chairman of The Steve Beaman Group, a personal development company, hosted a powerful seminar event in which he made a case for why the world is in a state of tremendous change—and what Americans should do to prepare. Perhaps nothing can punctuate this more than the buzz about rising gas prices that many experts predict will hit crippling numbers as high as $5, $6 or, in some states, maybe $7 a gallon this summer.  Beaman willspeak to this issue specifically, as well as the broader context around it that marks this impending “change” he sees happening. And it’s nothing like the kind Obama sold us in 2008. In addition to breaking down precisely why gas prices are poised to reach new heights, Beaman will also explain the economic impact they’re likely to have and, more importantly, what you can do in response.

8:00AM MST: Open Lines...1-888-503-6500 toll free, or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323 locally for you to be our guest and share your thoughts and concerns.
9:07AM MST: State Senior Economist Jim Robinson is back to update us on the progress of the Wyoming economy as the State Legislature prepares the new budget.