The song "Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming" made left several marks in the history of music starting back in 1946. Back when it was originally written it seemed every recording artist of that day wanted to sing it. The music was memorable. The nostalgic lyrics reached several people's idea of Wyoming.

This very popular song about our state seems to be forgotten now. It may not play so well on today's pop or country music charts. But in its time it was a big hit. It was written by Morey Amsterdam.

Here are some of the most memorable performances.

  • 1

    Jerry Colonna's "Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming"

    Jerry Colonna recorded it, in his own unique and funny singing style, back in 1946.

  • 2

    Jimmy Castle & Al Galante

    In that same year, Jimmy Castle, Al Galante teamed up to sing a duet of the song.

  • 3

    Dinah Shore

    Then the great and amazing voice of Dinah Shore sung the song in 1947 for recording. That was probably the most recordings of the song ever sold.

  • 4

    Judy Conova

    Judy Conova returns the version back to silly with her rendition just a few months after Dina Shore had recorded it.

  • 5

    Helen Carroll and The Satisfiers

    This more serious version of the song was sung by Helen Carroll and The Satisfiers. Their version is much easier on the ears.

  • 6

    Dick Jurgens And His Orchestra

    Finally, there was Dick Jurgens and his orchestra with what might be the final recording of the late, great versions.

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