It just goes to show, type in just about anything on the internet and someone has posted something about it.

Type in "Shark Attack Wyoming" and what do you know, up comes a story or two.

The last actual shark attack in Wyoming probably happened a very long time ago when Wyoming was underwater. According to Casper College this has happened more than once. 

But what about resent shark attacks? Anything lately?

According to UnNews, a website that is a cross between Onion News and Wikipedia an attack occurred back in 2008

"Brutal shark attack in Wyoming. Rawlins, Wyoming On Tuesday in a small town in Wyoming, a young married couple were savagely mauled by a great white shark. The couple barely survived. Scientists are unsure how the great white shark got into the small Wyoming lake. One scientist was quoted as saying, "Damn, that shark was big! The woman is slowly recovering in a nearby hospital. The husband is recovering at home."

Watch out if you are visiting Utah. A website called The Brine Shrimp, who claims be be Utah's #1 news site writes, "Pineview Reservoir,  Utah- If you like to swim at Pineview Reservoir, Tiger Muskies biting your toes are the least of your problems. Bull sharks were illegally introduced into the freshwater lake, and they are thriving!" They even have a warning sign posted. 

I'm sure all of this is true. It is posted on the internet, after all.

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